LWRCL - League Fixtures August 2008
(Umpires codes are shown in the right-hand column)
Week 15 - Saturday 2nd August 2.00pm Start
Division One
Netherton v Pollington

No play

Garforth PC v Caribbean Caribbean 161-9 (A Bhatti 52; S Bedford 5-44, S Lonsdale 3-55), *Garforth PC 163-7 (S Bedford 42no, M Fisher 31; S Hussain 3-19).
Nostell v Horbury Bridge *Nostell 178-8 (J Garrick 39, L Hurst 50; A Grogan 3-44), Horbury Bridge 114 (J Whittlestone 30; S Fisher 3-21).
Newton Hill v Gawthorpe St Mary’s No play
Division Two
Notton v Swillington

*Notton 176 (Paul Lawson 71, A Hughes 54; P Lyon 5-46), Swillington 118 (M Longdon 55, A Hughes 3-37, R Whitehead 4-16).

Cookridge ‘A’ v Garforth PC ‘A' Garforth PC A 131 (R Taylor 72no, R Scott 28; A Hardy 5-59, D Kerfoot 4-30), *Cookridge A 101 (J Caines 31; C Cox 7-45, C Scott 3-21).
Caribbean ‘A’ v Netherton ‘A’ Netherton A 174-7 (G Newton 43, R Beaumont 33; Z Iqbal 5-38), * Caribbean A 4-0 (abnd).
Tong v Savile Stars Savile Stars 181 (Fariaq 48; D Hawkins 5-48), *Tong 146 (A Minnett 32, M Hussain 28, D Hawkins 26no; I Patel 5-48).
Division Three
Gawthorpe St Mary’s ‘A’ v Caribbean ‘B’

*Gawthorpe St Mary’s A 206-8 (J Ogilvie 43, I Craigan 43, D Buckley 42; R Ali 6-35), *Caribbean B 15-0 (abnd)

Horbury Bridge ‘A’ v Wakefield Thornes Horbury Bridge A 121, Wakefield Thornes 124-0 (J Gibson 72no, J Nutterworth 44no)
Savile Stars ‘A’ v Notton ‘A’ *Savile Stars A 229-6 (S Bhana 52, Y Galiara 27, P Sheikh 33, I Patel 28, S Thaiwala 47no; J Schofield 3-25), Notton A 42 ( S Patel 4-2, I Loonhe 4-9).
Swillington ‘A’ v Garforth ‘A’ *Swillington A 80 (M Burton 4-28), Garforth A 81-5.
Garforth v TABS
TABS 125 (A Bird 51; N Booth 5-41), *Garforth 126-8 (L Edwards 64; H Watson 3-28).
Sunday 3rd August 2.00pm Start
Hepworth Cup Final
Week 16 - Saturday 9th August 2.00pm Start
Division One
Netherton v Horbury Bridge

Rained Off

Garforth PC v Gawthorpe St Mary’s Rained Off
Cookridge v Pollington Rained Off
Newton Hill v Nostell Rained Off
Division Two
Garforth v Garforth PC ‘A’

Rained Off

Notton v Netherton ‘A’ Rained Off
Caribbean ‘A’ v Cookridge ‘A’ Rained Off
Tong v Swillington Rained Off
Division Three
Gawthorpe St Mary’s ‘A’ v Notton ‘A’

Rained Off

Horbury Bridge ‘A’ v Garforth ‘A’ Rained Off
TABS v Caribbean ‘B’ Rained Off
Swillington ‘A’ v Savile Stars ‘A’ Rained Off
Savile Stars v Wakefield Thornes
Rained Off
Week 17 - Saturday 16th August 2.00pm Start
Division One
Gawthorpe St Mary’s v Netherton

Netherton 112 (G Newton 46; I Craigen 3-21), *Gawthorpe St Mary’s 113-8 (D Callaghan 58no; D Best 3-32, N Summerscales 3-29).

Horbury Bridge v Newton Hill *Horbury Bridge 81 (W Hayton 5-23, C Peters 3-11), Newton Hill 85-6 (C Peters 53no)
Caribbean v Cookridge *Caribbean 68 (P Ellis 5-28, J Keys 4-22), Cookridge 24 (M Akhtar 4-4).
Pollington v Garforth PC *Pollington 52, Garforth PC 53-1.
Division Two
Netherton ‘A’ v Garforth

No play - ground unfit

Garforth PC ‘A’ v Caribbean ‘A’ No play - ground unfit
Cookridge ‘A’ v Tong *Cookridge A 40 (D Hawkins 5-21, M Akhtar 3-15), Tong 42-4.
Swillington v Savile Stars Savile Stars 266-8 (L Ali 107no, M Fariq 107: T Bower 6-110), *Swillington 80 (Q Hussain 4-20, A Ali 3-18).
Division Three
Garforth ‘A’ v Gawthorpe St Mary’s ‘A’

No play - ground unfit

Notton ‘A’ v Swillington ‘A’ *Notton A 152 (K Spencer 51; D Bridge 3-32, B Quick 3-9), Swillington A 155-4 (D Bridges 26, B Quick 29no N Clegg 28no).
Wakefield Thornes v TABS No play - ground unfit
Caribbean ‘B’ v Horbury Bridge ‘A’ w/o to Caribbean 'B'
Savile Stars ‘A’ v Notton
*Savile Stars A 33 (Paul Lawon 4-18, A Hughes 3-11, Peter Lawson 3-0), Notton 34-2
Week 18 - Saturday 23rd August 2.00pm Start
Division One
Gawthorpe St Mary’s v Cookridge

*Gawthorpe St Mary’s 88 (P Ellis 4-21, J Keys 3-15), Cookridge 89-7 (I Hawkridge 25, A Pandey 26; J Hall 3-14, T Finnigan 3-11).

Horbury Bridge v Garforth PC Garforth PC 208-5 (J Baldwin 59), *Horbury Bridge 133 (R Wise 49; S Lonsdale 4-26).
Nostell v Netherton *Nostell 170-9 (L Hurst 84no; D Best 4-95, L Newton 3-9), Netherton 137-8 (G Newton 78no; J Rowett 3-36, R Hardman 3-23).
Pollington v Caribbean *Pollington 55 (T Strickland 27; M Akhtar 3-10, E Whattley 3-35, S Khan 4-8), Caribbean 56-2 (A Bowes 29no).
Division Two
Netherton ‘A’ v Savile Stars

No play - ground unfit

Garforth PC ‘A’ v Notton No play - ground unfit
Cookridge ‘A’ v Garforth Garforth 180-9, *Cookridge A 136-8
Caribbean ‘A’ v Tong Caribbean 'A' 122 (Z.Iqbal 47no;. Masood Akhtar 5-42, Adam Minnett 3-33.), Tong 123-3 (Adam Minnett 47, Martin Sellars 37no)
Division Three
Garforth ‘A’ v TABS

No play - ground unfit

Notton ‘A’ v Horbury Bridge ‘A’ *Notton A 68, Horbury 71-6
Savile Stars ‘A’ v Gawthorpe St Mary’s ‘A’ *Savile Stars A 103, Gawthorpe A 71
Caribbean ‘B’ v Wakefield Thornes *Caribbean B 90, Wakefield Thornes 44.
Swillington ‘A’ v Swillington
Points to Swillington A
Week 19 - Saturday 30th August 2.00pm Start
Division One
Netherton v Newton Hill

Newton Hill 162 (A Hughes 43; D Best 5-51), *Netherton 114 (G Newton 42; W Hayton 7-57)

Garforth PC v Nostell Nostell 193-4 (M Rowett 81, J Rowett 33), *Garforth PC 130 (S Lonsdale 51; L Hurst 5-32).
Cookridge v Horbury Bridge Horbury Bridge 104 (A Hardy 4-22, M Marshall 3-16), *Cookridge 105-6.
Caribbean v Gawthorpe St Mary’s Gawthorpe St Mary’s 94 (D Buckley 38; E Whatley 5-17), *Caribbean 96-2 (T James 41)
Division Two
Garforth v Caribbean ‘A’

Carribbean A 47 (G Waddington 6-27, M Burden 3-10), *Garforth 50-0 (C Field 26)

Notton v Cookridge ‘A’ Cookridge 144-6 (R Moss 33; P Lawson 3-38), *Notton 121 (A Hughes 56; B Kerfoot 5-25, J McMillan 4-27)
Savile Stars v Garforth PC ‘A’ *Savile Stars w/o v Garforth PCA scr
Swillington v Netherton ‘A’ Swillington scr v Netherton A w/o
Division Three
Gawthorpe St Mary’s ‘A’ v Swillington ‘A’

Swillington A 114 (M Waite 77; I Baulk 3-24, G Baulk 3-26), *Gawthorpe St Mary’s A 117-3 (P Hemingway 30no, J Ogilvie 39).

Horbury Bridge ‘A’ v Savile Stars ‘A’ Savile Stars A 185 (S Patel 38, J Patel 34, I Patel 38; J Wardle 5-43), *Horbury Bridge A 63 (F Patel 5-28, S Patel 3-19).
TABS v Notton ‘A’ *Tabs 180-6 (G Casey 43, C Binnie 63; J Parkin 3-41), Notton A 33.
Wakefield Thornes v Garforth ‘A’ Garforth A 102 (D Senneratne 5-13), *Wakefield Thornes 103-1 (N Senneratne 65no)
Tong v Caribbean ‘B’
Caribbean B 177 (A Bhatti 38, J Warner 38; M Hussain 4-68, N Iqbal 4-29), *Tong 178-4 (G Prince 34, M Hussain 33, N Sowerby 47no).
Sunday 31st August 1.30pm Start @ Garforth PC CC
Barnbow Cup Final