Division One Champions Sheldon Nostell
Division Two Champions Blackburn Savile Stars
Division Three Champions Jackson Netherton 'A'
1st XI     Knockout Cup Hepworth Cup Garforth PC
Man of Match Ted Townsend Trophy P Balneaves Garforth PC
2nd XI Knockout Cup Barnbow Cup Cookridge 'A'
Man of Match Shield
Div 1 Div 2 Div 3
Festival Trophy Senior Cup Newton Hill Savile Stars Netherton 'A'
Man of Match Shield D Ogley S Mahmood G Newton
Division One Batting Clifton Town Cup J Stockton GarforthPC
Division Two Batting Satterthwaite Cup P Lawson Notton
Division Three Batting Hemingway Cup G Newton Netherton'A'
Division One Bowling Clifton Town Cup L Hurst Nostell
Division Two Bowling Speight Cup M Contracter Savile Stars
Division Three Bowling Wainwright Cup N Daigya Savile Stars'A'
Division One Wkt Keeping Ron Archer Trophy J baldwin GarforthPC
Division Two Wkt Keeping Featherstone Trophy N Sowerby Tong
Division Three Wkt Keeping Annual Award R Moss Cookridge'A'
Highest Ind Score Division One White Cup C Piggott Fairburn
Highest Ind Score Division Two Hemingway Cup P Lawson Notton
Highest Ind Score Division Three Oldroyd Cup G Newton Netherton'A'
Division One Allrounder Annual Award C Piggott Fairburn
Division Two Allrounder Annual Award P Lawson Notton
Division Three Allrounder Annual Award G Newton Netherton'A'
Most Wickets in Season Jim Battersby trophy L Hurst Nostell
Under 21 1st XI Batting Ernest Walker Trophy C Piggott Fairburn
Under 21 1st XI Bowling John Clark Trophy Pete Lawson Notton
Under 21 2nd XI Batting Annual Award Q Hussain Caribbean 'A'
Under 21 2nd XI Bowling Annual Award L Newton Netherton'A'
Special Awards
Young Player of the Year Roy Howell Cup C Piggott Fairburn
Club of the Year Walter Cussans Trophy Nostell
Groundsman of The Year Eddie Thirlwell Trophy Caribbean
Most Improved Ground Of Year Peter Brannan Trophy Caribbean
Sportsmanship Trophy Div One Dunn Trophy Fairburn
Sportsmanship Trophy Divs 1 Harry Rawden Trophy Redfearns & Newton Hill
Sportsmanship Trophy Div 2 Garforth PC 'A'
Sportsmanship Trophy Div 3 Tong 'A'
Secretary of Year Hartley Trophy S Reynolds Nostell
J Lowe Trophy(last 6 matches) Annual Award Caribbean 'A'