Date: 17th July 2005     Venue: Fairburn Cricket Club

Home Team: Leeds West Riding Cricket League

Away Team: Nidderdale Cricket League

Leeds West Riding Win a Stunner

Leeds-West Riding progressed to their second semi-final of the season, with a closely contested 2 run victory over the highly fancied Nidderdale League in this re-arranged fixture. With both leagues not having key players due to respective cup competitions, the 2 teams knew that before this game, they were both on similar playing fields in terms of selection opportunities. Nidderdale had players from just 4 different clubs, and the Leeds League from just three.

On the usual flat Fairburn track, the Leeds-West Riding got off to a flyer, despite losing skipper Simon Danby off the second ball of the innings. Fairburn duo Ian Jones and Craig Piggott, despatched the Nidderdale bowling to all parts of the ground, and in some cases to all parts of the North Yorkshire Village. Their 121 run partnership came off just 17.1 overs, and was littered with Jones' cover drives and Piggott's destructive pull shots. Piggott's 68 came off just 36 deliveries and included 4 maximums, whilst Jones' innings was just as exciting (57 runs off 55 balls). However, when they both out, with the score at 140-3 off just 22 overs, the middle-order began to shake under the pressure of Atkinson's tight bowling. From the last 8 batsman, only James Clegg and Paul Clark got into double figures, the Leeds-West Riding eventually bowled out for 190.

In reply, Rothwell bowler Ken Atkinson, dismissed the highly dangerous Oliver Uffindal, with the help of a great reflex slip catch from Ferrybridge's Richard Lumb. Nidderdale recovered to 40-1 until spin king Paul Clark, and Rothwell seamer picked up two quick wickets. At 81-6, the Nidderdale batsman Jankowicz and Buteux, got their heads down and batted excellently to take the Nidderdale score to 145-6, until Buteux fell to a sharp stumping by John Crossley. When the score progressed to 187-8, it looked as though the win was Nidderdales', especially considering that Jankowicz was still at the crease. However the LWRCL boys never gave in, and picked up a lifeline, when Ian Jones got one to nip away from Fiddes, who nicked to stumper Crossley who took a stunning one handed catch. In the penultimate over of the game, Jankowicz took an early single off Craig Piggott, to take the score to 188-9, but in the process exposing no.11 Uffindal. Uffindall survived the first two balls, but the next ball skidded low, shaving the off stump, and the bails just fell to the floor. Leeds West Riding pulling off a great comeback to win by just 2 runs. Pontefract league in the semis for Simon Danby and his merry men.

1st Innings: Leeds West Riding

  How Out Bowler Score
I Jones ct & b Blackburn 57
S Danby * ct Beaumont Ryder 0
C Piggott ct Buteux Atkinson 68
T Gardiner lbw. Atkinson 5
M Symmons ct Potter Blackburn 0
J Clegg ct Jankowicz Atkinson 11
R Lumb b. Buteux 9
P Clark ct Kenny Buteux 11
L Doughty cb Ryder 5
J Crossley + lbw Ryder 1
K Atkinson NOT OUT 6
  Extras: 17
Total: 190-10(38.1)
  O M R W
Ryder 7.1 0 32 3
Uffindal M 5 0 37 0
Uffindal D 4 0 23 0
Jankowicz 2 0 30 0
Atkinson 8 1 14 3
Blackburn 8 0 36 2
Buteux 4 1 9 2


  How Out Bowler Score
Kenny ct Piggott Clark 28
O Uffindall ct Lumb Atkinson 0
Blackburn ct Piggott Clark 21
Beaumont b Symmons 0
Potter ct Lumb Symmons 7
Jankowicz NOT OUT 72
Ryder ct Danby Jones 17
Buteux st Crossley Atkinson 20
Atkinson ct Crossley Piggott 1
Fiddes ct Crossley Jones 9
 M Uffindal b Piggott 0
  Extras: 13
Total: 188-10(38.4)
  O M R W
C Piggott 7.4 0 40 2
K Atkinson 8 1 35 2
P Clark 8 3 21 2
M Symmons 7 0 41 2
I Jones 8 0 37 2

LWRCL: S Danby*, K Atkinson, M Symmons, T Gardiner (all Rothwell), R Lumb (Ferrybridge), C Piggott, I Jones, J Clegg, L Doughty, P Clark, J Crossley+ (all Fairburn)