From John Finch
26th June 2005

Re: Jane Tomlinson’s Charity Challenge match between Chairman’s X1 and a League X1 played today in glorious sunshine at Garforth PC ground

I would like to thank my team of juniors and committee members for appearing for the Chairman’s Team: James Baldwin, Michael Smith, Matthew Smith, Liam Newton, Lee Walker, Simon Adby, David Tubby,Colin Whittaker, Ron Mackenzie, and Jon Tubby

I would also like to thank the League X1 captained by Ian “Taffy” Jones: Simon Danby, Michael Fisher, Nigel Punton, Steve Laughton, Danny Alderson, Richard Lumb, Rajesh Sivaswamy, Anshu Shembaker, Alan Grogan and guest player Keith Lumb

The match was attended by supporters of the players who helped raise funds by the raffle.

I would like to ask all players to go back to their club’s members, clubhouse and club HQ and make a collection in aid of Cancer Research and forward the proceeds to the Treasurer Ron Mackenzie at the end of July. That gives 4 weeks to make a collection to swell the annual donation. This also gives those clubs who were unable to attend, an opportunity to support the event with such a collection. Please make every effort to make this year the best ever.

Finally I would like to thank Garforth PC for hosting the match, Joyce Stockton for supplying the usual excellent teas, Dennis Stockton for providing the usual tip top pitch and serving regular drinks to the players, Robert Free and Jim Wilson for umpiring and Jamie Scott who was in charge of scoring

in aid of
Chairman's XI v League Select XI
Played at Garforth PC CC - 25 July

League Select XI
R Sivaswamy c Baldwin b Michael Smith 12
S Laughton c Mackenzie b D Tubby 47
A Shembaker not out 61
S Danby c Baldwin b Whittaker 3
I Jones c Matthew Smith b Finch 14
M Fisher not out 38
R Lumb run out 12
N Punton c Baldwin b J Tubby 5
A Grogan c Baldwin b Walker 5
D Alderson c Walker b Newton 24
K Lumb c Baldwin b Whittaker 7
Extras 15
Total for 9 Wickets 247

Chairman's XI
J Baldwin retired not out 35
L Walker c Shembaker b Grogan 0
J Tubby run out 7
Michael Smith c R Lumb b Shembaker 8
L Newton c Danby b Sivaswarmy 21
J Finch six and out 9
Matthew Smith retired not out 37
S Abdy lbw b Danby 0
D Tubby not out 9
C Whittaker not out 8
Extras 13
Total for 4 Wickets 148
Did not bat: R Mackenzie