Barnbow Cup season 2001
  First Round to be played 3rd June 2001
A Garforth PC'A' v
Fairburn 'A'
B Tong 'A' v
Leeds Police 'A'
C Netherton 'A' v
Caribbean 'A'
D Walton 'A' v
Nostell 'A'
E Swillington 'A' v
Chickenley 'A'
F Pledwick 'A' v
Newton Hill 'A'
G Garforth 'A' v
Highbury 'A'
H Denby Grange 'A' v
Rothwell 'A'
  Second Round to be played 24th June 2001
1 Leeds Police 'A' v
Walton 'A'
Umpires 8 & 27
2 Garforth PC 'A' v
Highbury 'A'
Umpires 10 & 25
3 Denby Grange 'A' v
Newton Hill 'A'
Umpires 1 & 3
4 Netherton 'A' v
Chickenley 'A'
Umpires 14 & 20
  Semi Final to be played 15th July 2001
  Highbury 'A' v
Netherton 'A'
Umpires 4 & 26
  Denby Grange 'A' v
Leeds Police 'A'
Umpires 6 & 7
  Final to be played 5th August 2001 at Newton Hill
Highbury 'A' v Leeds Police 'A' Police (117-8) snatch victory over Highbury (116)
in the Barnbow Cup -
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